• Peter Herman

  • I have been a Chartered Accountant for 30 years. My career started at Deloitte and Touche in Montreal. I soon learned that I could be of most help to entrepreneurs large and small and set up my own practice.  I am a general practitioner and over the years have developed considerable expertise in corporate tax including estate planning, corporate succession and the purchase and sale of businesses. In recent years I have been filing tax recovery claims (SRED) on behalf of some of my clients which include all required technical insertions.

    I am very interested in politics, in particular economic policy. I have volunteered for and served as an advisor on a number of political campaigns both here and in Ontario.

    Along with my wife and son, I feel fortunate to be able to call this beautiful province home and Maple Ridge in particular.  We pursued a dream of living here and we have never looked back.  

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