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  • Jhan Tamminga
    Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

    Jhan joined Investors Group in November of 2014. After completing his BA at Simon Fraser University with a focus in Political Science, he had the privilege to partner with Senior Consultant Alphonse Seward CFP CLU RRC to help him better serve his clients. Jhan is committed to constantly improving himself through a persistent and consistent commitment to further education.

    Together Jhan and Alphonse aim to always help their clients get the most out of their money so they can get the most out of their lives. Their advice is always client centric and their approach unique and flexible. They will meet you where you need to be met, and help you make your dreams a reality. 


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    Don Lekei

    Don Lekei is the owner of Help-My-Tech, a Maple Ridge based business providing on-site service, set-up and training for PC and Mac computers, smartphones, tablets and all the technical needs of home users and home-based and small businesses.

    He has been servicing and training people how to use personal computers, plus a wide variety of personal electronics since the mid 1970s. Don not only brings the technical expertise of decades of experience in both the service-side and product engineering, but also business experience, founding Cansoft Data, Inc. in 1980.

    After many years in product development and on-line services, Don started an in-home computer service business (Help-My-PC) in 2002, then later helped Future Shop build their in-home service business, ConnectPro. In early 2014, he left Future Shop to start a new business named “Help-My-Tech” because computer service alone doesn't cut it today. The average person has six pieces of diverse computing technology that need to not only work, but also work together, and work in ways that meet their needs.

    Since then, Help-My-Tech has been a finalist for 4 small business awards, and Don has been an active member of the business community in Maple Ridge.


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