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Why Choose the Chamber Plan?

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, home-based business or part of a larger firm, benefits are a very important part of your financial security. The Chambers Plan creates a solid foundation for that security, based on a benefit program designed specifically for small-business owners, just like you.

All it takes to join is membership in the Ridge Meadows Chamber of Commerce. You'll get the security you need, along with a benefits program that's personalized for you and your company.


Why Have 30,000 Business Owners Selected This Plan?

No Business Is Too Small

  • Comprehensive benefit packages are available to businesses from one person and up.
  • Home based businesses qualify for coverage.
  • Guaranteed coverage available to for-profit firms with 3+ people.

Guaranteed Stability

  • The Plan has operated continuously for over 40 years.
  • Pooled benefits stabilizes your firm's rates at renewal time.

Outstanding Features (No Additional Costs)

  • Unlimited access to Best Doctors®, a second opinion service.
  • Business Assistance Service providing business owners access to accounting, legal and human resource experts

Complete Benefit Section

Extended Health Care

  • Perscription Drugs
  • Ambulance coverage
  • Paramedical services including:
    • Massage theraphy
    • Chiropractor
    • Physiotheraphy
  • Eye Examinations
  • Emergency travel health care

Disability Coverage

  • Coverage can begin from the first day of an accident/hospitalization up to age 65

Critical Illness

  • A lump sum up to $50,000.00

Dental Care

  • Cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Extractions
  • Major services
  • Orthodontics for firms with 10+ employees

Employee Assistance Program

  • Face-to-face or telephone counselling

Group Retirement Solutions

  • FutureStep® retirement savings plan best-of-class investments, easy set-up and online management.

Video Library

Chambers Plan’s online benefit management platform.

Chambers Plan’s online benefit management platform.

A health and wellness resource site for all employees provided through my-benefits.

Paramedical Coverage
Wherever you can meet with a health care practitioner, you can use your group benefits coverage.

Employee Assistance Program
Wherever your employees need extra support, they can access professional counselling virtually.

Business Assistance Service
Access to professional accounting, counselling, legal and human resource experts who understand the challenges faced by small business owners.

Plans that hold Health options include Teladoc® telemedicine service, where members have access to qualified doctors 24/7 anywhere in Canada or the U.S.