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Dog-Friendly Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is a dog-friendly community with over 35 businesses that welcome dogs on leashes in their retail shops and on restaurant patios. We are proud to be a city that recognizes the important role that pets play in growing our shop's local and visitor economy.

Explore our Dog-Friendly Maple Ridge Map

Check out the City of Maple Ridge's Dog-Friendly Map linked below for our dog-friendly shops! This map stays up-to-date so you never have to worry about your pooches welcome.

Become a Dog-Friendly Business

Want to become a participant in a Dog-Friendly business? Here are some benefits of becoming one:

  1. Increased tourism: Many pet owners consider their pets to be part of the family and will often seek out destinations that cater to their furry friends. Being a dog-friendly community means attracting more visitors who are looking to travel with their dogs.
  2. Increased spending: Pet owners are often willing to spend more money on their pets while traveling, including things such as pet-friendly accommodations.
  3. Positive brand image: Being known as a dog-friendly community can help boost Maple Ridge's reputation as a welcoming and inclusive destination. This can lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews - which can ultimately attract even more visitors.

With the Dog-Friendly Maple Ridge program, residents and visitors, and their furry friends can explore our parks, and trails and even dine together at pet-friendly establishments. From off-leash areas to dog-friendly events, Maple Ridge has a variety of adventures in our beautiful city.

Review and submit the Dog-Friendly application below or visit Dog-Friendly Maple Ridge HERE.


Contact Kathryn Baird, Tourism Coordinator for more details: